Helping Himself Horatio Alger Jr.



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Helping Himself  by  Horatio Alger Jr.

Helping Himself by Horatio Alger Jr.
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(I have a copy old enough that goodreads doesnt show it. Hardbound.)This book is exactly what you read about it being in social studies in high school.Grant is a good little boy whose rich uncle wants him to go to college, but his minister father cant support the family himself.CONFLICT!So, he goes to work at a brokerage firm in New York, against the wishes of his uncle.

An acquaintance from back home tries to take advantage of him, and . . .This really isnt worth the effort.Pretty dull and predictable. I was reminded of the Hardy Boys, and the themes and message of the book are orthodox to the point of making me want to puke.The book lends some insight into the myth of working your way up from the bottom in business, and as such requires suspension of disbelief far beyond my capabilities.I say this as a fan of James Camerons Terminator franchise familiar with the basics of special relativity.

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